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E-coli Outbreak on Fond du Lac Reservation

“We are working with MDH to determine the number of people affected and the source of the E. coli,” the band said in a report on its website. “Leftover food that hasn’t been handled properly is a common source of food borne disease.”

Anyone with leftovers from any recent community event is being encouraged to discard them.

Anyone experiencing symptoms is encouraged to contact a health care provider or reach a local emergency room. According to the state’s health department, symptoms of E. coli infection include severe diarrhea (often bloody) and abdominal cramps. Symptoms can last five to 10 days. Antibiotic treatment is not helpful for E. coli infections, and may be harmful in some cases. Antidiarrheal agents should not be used either. Washing hands often is encouraged. Children with diarrhea should not go to daycare.