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Robert Tilden, 64, former Duluth resident, died May 10, 2014, at his home in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Dr. Tilden was born June 27, 1949, in Wichita, Kan., to Harold and Aletha Tilden.

Dr. Tilden was an epidemiologist by training, and devoted his life to improving the nutrition and health of untold numbers of people around the world. His work took him to the poorest parts of the globe wherever human suffering was greatest. He also served as a researcher at the Duluth Clinic from 1993-2000, where his love of sailing Lake Superior and the great outdoors suited him well.

As a practicing Buddhist he respected all peoples and religions, and constantly strove to make the world a healthier, happier and more compassionate place to live for every single individual no matter what their race, nationality or socioeconomic status.

Bob served in the Peace Corps in Southeast Asia from 1970-1972, where he met his first wife, Kathleen. While many of his years were spent abroad, he always planned to retire in Duluth, which he considered his home.

Bob was a devoted father, husband and grandfather.

He is survived by his second wife Atmarita; his ex-wife of 36 years, Kathy Richlen-Tilden; his brother Bill; his sister Helen; his son David and daughter-in-law Kirsten; his two grandchildren Sawyer and Sven, and the thousands of children and adults who have had an opportunity to live long and healthy lives due to his tireless efforts to improve nutrition and health worldwide.

A memorial service celebrating his life and memory will be held at Hampton Inn Canal Park on Aug. 23, 2014 at 1 p.m. Dress will be casual.

Condolences may be sent to 5231 Avondale Street, Duluth, Minnesota, 55804.