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Coffee grounds from Caribou Coffee available to gardeners

Caribou Coffee baristas aren’t throwing out their used coffee grounds these days.

They’re bagging them up for gardeners.

Free 5-pound bags are available at Caribou Coffee shops around the country, including the ones in Duluth.

The program —Grounds For Your Ground — started last week to recycle the grounds and help gardeners.

Coffee and espresso grounds — which are high in nitrogen, potassium and other plant nutrients — work well as organic soil fertilizer in gardens. Moreover, coffee grounds deter pests, speed up composting and stimulate some plant growth.

“This program is part of a larger corporate-wide sustainability initiative that includes water conservation, composting and waste reduction that we’ll be rolling out this spring,” Michele Vig, Caribou’s vice president of marketing, said in a statement.

As bags are filled at each Caribou location, they become available to the public. A check with Caribou Coffee shops in Duluth last week found one to three bags available at each site.