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Body found in RV ID’d as Minnesota man missing more than five months

The Anoka County Sheriff's Office has identified the body found in an RV earlier this week as that of an Anoka man who had been missing for more than five months.

Anoka County Sheriff Commander Paul Sommer identified the body as belonging to Kevin Casserly, 22, who has been missing since November 2013. His family members have long suspected that Casserly was dead and have indicated in the past that they think criminal activity may have been involved.

Casserly’s family has said the last time anyone heard from him was Nov. 11, 2013, when he called his mother to say he planned to stay home from work the following day because he had the flu. When she went to his apartment the next day to check on him, she found the door ajar and some key personal possessions, including his wallet, cell phone and cash, inside.

Casserly, who had a 6-year-old daughter and a 4-year-old son, had been trying to regroup after methamphetamine use and criminal activity earlier in his life.

Casserly’s body was found by a group of young men who had been on their way to Louisville to watch the Kentucky Derby for a friend’s bachelor party. At a stop in Winona, they noticed a smell emanating from the RV. They eventually discovered Casserly’s body in an exterior storage compartment and called police.

One of the men told the Pioneer Press the RV had been rented from "a friend of a friend of a friend" who was not personally known to anyone in the party.