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Daredevils headed for worlds

Duluth East Daredevils were regional finalist runner-ups and captain of their alliance during the Northern Lights Regional competition in the DECC earlier this month.1 / 4
Daredevils safety captain Olivia Nelson walks on stage to accept her award as a Dean’s List Finalist. 2 / 4
Aeolus, the Daredevils’ robot, prepares to grab the rope and climb aboard the airship.3 / 4
Russ Meyer accepts his award after being named a Woodie Flowers Finalist.4 / 4

Duluth East Daredevils FIRST Robotics Team 2512 secured a spot in the World Championships in St. Louis after becoming regional runner-up at Northern Lights Regional in the DECC earlier this month.

The Daredevils were second out of 60 teams and captain of their alliance with FRC 876 Thunder Robotics from Northwood, N.D., and FRC 27 Team Rush from Clarkston, Mich.

During regionals, the Daredevils alliance won two of three quarterfinal matches and both semifinal matches. They lost in the final round to Alliance Two, which was made up of teams 509 Tigerbots, 3130 Errors and 6613 Gogebic Range Robotics.

The three-day regional competition revolved around Steamworks, a steampunk-themed game in which robots deliver gears, fuel boilers and ready their airships for takeoff. The game required robots to climb, shoot balls and collect gears. Each team had six weeks to build their robots.

Along with earning regional finalist runner-up, the Daredevils won multiple awards including a wild card spot in the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship from April 27-30 in St. Louis. They also won the Team Spirit Award for their exceptional enthusiasm, partnership relations and teamwork.

Daredevils fabrication mentor Russ Meyers was named the Woodie Flowers Finalist for his leadership, inspiration, teaching skills and ability to empower his team to communicate effectively. Meyers has been a Daredevils mentor since 2010.

Olivia Nelson, safety captain for the Daredevils, was named a Dean's List Finalist for being an outstanding student and demonstrating the values of FIRST robotics.