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Reader's view: Quit complaining about city's snowplow drivers

In response to the Feb. 19 letter, "Snow removal smacks of that other Duluth," this winter has brought quite a bit of shoveling and snow-blowing heartache to the entire Northland. We all know it because our backs all feel it.

What some people too often fail to realize, and Mayor Don Ness did address this on his Facebook page, is that our city plow drivers are people like us from the community who are trying their best to get a job done. When their grueling shift from navigating the slippery roads in bulky snowplow trucks is done, they come home to see their community thinks that what they did wasn't good enough.

What I don't understand is the time some Duluth residents waste attacking the city. City workers are doing what they can and I am sure dealing with much bigger issues, such as the extreme amounts of homeless people in Duluth. Or they are making sure there is enough money to send those snowplow drivers out on overtime so we can get to work.

What I have learned in my short time on Earth is that our society lacks empathy but is given the power to change problems. Put yourself in the shoes of the hardworking drivers or, if that isn't possible, run for City Council.

Gloria G. Napoli