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Property Transactions for July 17, 2017

Duluth Property Transactions

July 5-12

517 N. 13th Ave. E., Deborah Plante and J. Pykkonen purchased from John W. and Patricia M. Peterson for $138,000, residential, 6/17.

509 N. 13th Ave. E., Nathan W. Hanson purchased from Laurie A. Rouse for $120,000, residential, 6/17.

218 S. 28th Ave. E., David Stites and Michelle Glick purchased from Richard N. and Kelsey R. Holt for $135,000, residential, 6/17.

702 N. 42nd Ave. W., Colton L. Allen purchased from Federal National Mortgage Association for $51,000, residential, 6/17.

316 N. Central Ave., NSB Enterprises LLC purchased from Tender Loving Care North LLC for $140,000, commercial (with buildings), 6/17.

2045 E. Eighth St., Troy and Thy Huff purchased from Kyle and Elizabeth Kolquist for $317,500, residential, 6/17.

2322 W. Fifth St., Makenna Persing and C. Bridgman purchased from Peter Clark and Jennifer Clark for $71,000, residential, 6/17.

4309 W. Fourth St., Andre E. Hussey purchased from Harvey E. and Therese Bjonskaas for $157,500, residential, 6/17.

4814 London Road, David M. and June E. Larsen purchased from John D. and Barbara G. Sewall for $625,000, residential, 6/17.

4720 London Road, Duangnapa S. Cuddy purchased from Jefferson J. and Tammy Davis for $760,000, residential, 6/17.

2228 Nanticoke St., Peter Bussa purchased from William Shaw for $131,250, residential, 7/17.

2922 Nighthawk Lane, James Patrick Development LLC purchased from Piper One LLC for $45,000, residential — bare land, 6/17.

2922 Nighthawk Lane, Luke and Emily Widstrom purchased from James Patrick Development LLC for $72,500, residential — bare land, 6/17.

422 N. Ninth Ave. W., Cody Kotnik and Angela Seutter purchased from Paula A. Gabriel for $147,000, residential, 6/17.

3710 North Ridge Road, Kurt Gitzlaff and Susan Thorsheim purchased from Matthew and Deanne K. Zelen for $560,000, residential, 6/17.

4801 Oneida St., Stephanie A. Kiero purchased from Megan A. Oswald for $159,000, residential, 6/17.

2710 E. Second St., Seth and Sarah Maxim purchased from William and Dolores Johnson for $268,000, residential, 6/17.

2320 W. Seventh St., Adam R. Drinkwine purchased from Andra Erickson for $48,000, residential, 7/17.

1309 E. Seventh St., Chad Derosier purchased from Wilmington Savings Fund Society for $62,250, residential, 6/17.

702 E. Skyline Parkway, Susan Gregerson purchased from Peggy Anderson for $59,000, residential, 7/17.

2025 Springvale Road, Richard N. and Kelsey R. Holt purchased from Michael J. Lehto for $216,500, residential, 6/17.

1615 E. Superior St., ACW Duluth LLC purchased from Jeremy Paggen and Tricia Sexton for $400,000, residential, 6/17.

3203 Vernon St., Steven Rockwood and P. Rodriguez purchased from David Cox for $106,000, residential, 6/17.

Address unassigned, Linda L. Russell purchased from Thomas J. and Jeanne M. Sexton for $248,900, residential, 6/17.