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Property Transactions for June 7-14, 2017

1220 E. 10th St., Matthew B. Pawlowski purchased from Joanne E. Johnston for $124,000, 6/17.

331 N. 11th Ave. W., Ernest D. Forgach purchased from Nancy and Ben McKnight for $116,287, 5/17.

601 E. 11th St., Matthew E. Knutson purchased from Clara I. Fleming for $107,500, 5/17.

722 N. 12th Ave. E., Paul and Terri L. Hamilton purchased from Corey A. Behlke for $128,000, residential, 6/17.

2435 W. 15th St., Lisa and Colin Russell Hansmann purchased from Paul T. and Jeneice Hadland for $191,150, 5/17.

701 N. 18th Ave. E., Nizar and Heidi Saleh purchased from Trina Iijima for $145,000, 5/17.

123 N. 23rd Ave. W., Gabriella Wolfe and B. Bilderback purchased from Leah S. Armstrong for $59,900, 5/17.

510 N. 25th Ave. W., Nizar N. and Heidi O. Saleh purchased from Legg LLC for $85,000, 5/17.

309 N. 26th Ave. W., North Shore Land Co. LLC purchased from David J. and Lindsey E. Cadotte for $102,000, residential, 6/17.

611 N. 27th Ave. W., Marcia R. Heisserer purchased from Kelly C. Stephenson for $100,750, 6/17.

427 N. 76th Ave. W., Matthew J. Pursi purchased from Jolene T. McLaughlin for $142,000, residential, 5/17.

416 98th Ave. W., Auston Leon, et al., purchased from J.A. and M.C. Keenan, M.S. Rukavina, et al., for $109,000, 6/17.

1130 W. Arrowhead Road, Lukas K. Hassett purchased from Jane B. Hayes for $155,000, 6/17.

211 Bluffs Ridge Court, Jack and Joan Setterlund purchased from Charlotte Dobosenski for $352,000, 5/17.

1430 Boulevard Place, Randy Simonson purchased from The Jerr S. Zeleznikar trust for $76,000, 6/17.

1331 Brainerd Ave., Daniel and Nancy Fordahl purchased from Parenteau Properties LLC for $229,900, residential, 6/17.

2723 Echo Lane, Jeremy P. and Debra L. Leubner purchased from Jessica K. and David A. Betts for $320,000, residential, 5/17.

626 E. Eighth St., Barbara Hanka purchased from Sharon Allan for $139,900, residential, 6/17.

2312 E. Eighth St., Joseph A. and Katie J. Jackson purchased from James E. and Kylee L. Borash for $240,000, 6/17.

821 E. Eighth St., Luke A. and Paul Albares purchased from Evelyn M. Sherlock for $147,000, 5/17.

4612 W. Eighth St., Susan R. Baker purchased from B.J., S.M. and M. Pavlich and J.K. and T. Sandstedt for $125,000, 5/17.

4821 W. Fifth St., Paul Vartmann purchased from Gregory T. and Deborah A. Strand for $145,000, 5/17.

202 E. First St., 202 E. First Street LLC purchased from Rodney, Kandice and Richard Sturm, et a., for $300,000, 5/17.

1422 1/2 E. First St., Gideon Mailer purchased from George M. Quinn and Audre Bomstad for $91,180, residential, 6/17.

3816 W. Fourth St., Alexander W. Felegy purchased from Kenneth P. Buckley for $145,000, 5/17.

3810 E. Fourth St., Tigue and Meaghan Snider purchased from Stephen Waring and Sonia Kjos for $250,000, 5/17.

4710 Gladstone St., Eric J. and Michelle S. Hebner purchased from Frank A. and Elizabeth M. Hill for $146,400, 5/17.

547 Glenwood St., Patrick A. Drayer purchased from Jacob Jauss for $288,000, residential, 6/17.

3410 Greysolon Place, Patrick and Kara Brown purchased from Christopher and Kelli Priley for $439,900, 6/17.

819 Hamilton Drive, Gary L. and Jane M. Keafer purchased from Hana and David Kapsch for $119,900, 5/17.

5005 Jay St., James and Stephanie Lewis purchased from Joshua and Ashley Heinzen for $171,000, 5/17.

1922 Middle Lane, Kyle D. and Elizabeth Kolquist purchased from Lee V. and Jennifer M. Giorgi for $800,000, residential, 6/17.

1715 W. Morgan St., Mckayla J. and Paul K. Bauerly purchased from Katherine Hamilton for $259,500, 6/17.

2317 W. Ninth St., BDL Properties LLC purchased from Revest Trust for $245,000, residential, 5/17.

2204 Piedmont Ave., HBR Partners LLP purchased from Shelley L. Ceryance for $168,500, 5/17.

4314 Regent St., Brian and Karena Sweezy purchased from Jane and Andrew Poole for $220,100, 5/17.

3127 Restormel St., JCRR Properties LLC purchased from Legg LLC for $87,500, 6/17.

321 N. 83rd Ave. W., Christine Lindbeck and Allen McDonell purchased from Laura Griesy for $91,670, 5/17.

1401 Rice Lake Road, Bryan M. and Lyndsay J. Smitke purchased from S.L. and P.F. Sage and D.R., L.K. and D. Eng for $170,000, 5/17.

9517 Seaver Ave., Jason and Lori McPherson purchased from the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $115,000, residential, 6/17.

2623 W. Second St., Durbin Holdings LLC purchased from Hidden Stone Corporation for $38,000, 6/17.

3531 E. Second St., Karl and Jill Markgraf purchased from Susan C. and Charles Nelson for $287,500, 5/17.

1531 N. Seventh Ave. E., Colin Zervas and Jessi Reckinger purchased from Klark K. and Paula J. Katzenmeyer for $161,500, 6/17.

721 E. Sixth St., Brandon Quade purchased from Miranda L. Miller for $160,000, residential, 6/17.

4834 W. Sixth St., Noah Hunt purchased from Nancy and Harold Dobs for $140,000, residential, 5/17.

631 E. Skyline Parkway, Darin and Laura A. Hanson purchased from Rodney R. and Debra L. Kalina for $196,000, 6/17.

3620 E. Superior St., Renfei Wang and Fiona M. Durkin purchased from Mary K. and Timothy A. Chavez for $267,000, 5/17.

1227 E. Third St., Michael W. and Kathleen M. Piper purchased from Plaza Investments Rental Properties for $160,000, 5/17.

1102 W. Third St., Trevor D. Davis purchased from Ryan M. and Lisa Flaherty for $150,425, 5/17.

5210 Tioga St., Scott D. and Christine E. Clark purchased from Michael and Nichole Haithcock for $204,000, 5/17.

2334 Vermilion Road, Megan B. Michelizzi purchased from Stephen A. Peluso for $202,500, 5/17.

3215 Vernon St., Joshua G. and Christine K. Cordle purchased from Jesse R. Pelican for $107,500, residential, 5/17.

7730 Vinland St., Susan L. and James H. Kyes Jr. purchased from Richard A. and Susan M. Borg for $365,000, 6/17.

3824 Woodland Ave., Kathleen A. Fladung purchased from Michael R. Franckowiak for $186,000, 6/17.

5417 Wyoming St., Kenneth J. Harlander purchased from David W. and Cheryl L. Youngberg for $159,000, 5/17.

Bare land, Lon Hovland purchased from IOP Investments LLC for $150,000, 5/17.

Bare land, Park Point Place LLC purchased from Robin and Kenneth Boger for $58,000, 5/17.