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Pike Lake golf course for sale, won't open this year

Pike Lake AAA Golf Course won't be opening this year, or possibly ever again, as the Canosia Township links are being put up for sale.

AAA representatives told the town board last week they were hiring a national real estate firm to sell the nine-hole course, said board chair Kevin Comnick. The auto group has owned the course for decades.

"They had a covenant agreement and have a way out of it," Comnick said, "so they're going to sell it."

Melting snow covered the course in parts Monday afternoon on the shores of Pike Lake just off Midway Road. It might look like the course was getting ready to open, but apparently it's been ready to stay closed: "They never covered the greens last fall," Comnick said.

He said there would be a meeting with local residents Tuesday to discuss the future of the course and any options there are to preserve it or shape its future.

"There may be an effort to somehow keep it viable," Comnick said. "The biggest thing from a community standpoint, beyond losing a community golf course, is losing a community recreation area. It's used for more than just golf."

Since efforts to sell the golf course are just getting underway, it's too early to know what the future holds, though that hasn't stopped residents and the town board from examining the possibilities.

Should a developer buy the lakeside property, it would need to be rezoned from commercial to residential in order to install any new housing. Also, Comnick said, there is no water infrastructure, and the existing sewer line might not be able to handle an influx of new residents.

"At some point it could come up to the town board," Comnick said. "There's a lot of questions to be answered."

AAA did not return a late afternoon call from the News Tribune on Monday.

Brooks Johnson

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