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Property Transactions for Sept. 1, 2014

Duluth property transactions

Aug. 21-28

1020 N. 10th Ave. E., Tamara Fonoti purchased from Richard A. and Richard P. Peltonen for $65,000, residential, 6/14.

2218 W. 11th St., Andrew T. Fuchs purchased from Richard J. and Susan J. Raimo for $118,000, residential, 7/14.

11804 123rd Ave. W., Wisconsin Central Ltd purchased from Michael R. and Melissa A. Jasper for $1,175,000, residential, 6/14.

721 E. 13th St., CDM Ventures LLC purchased from Matthew Unzeitig for $95,000, residential, 7/14.

624 N. 19th Ave. E., Justin and Gretchen Juntunen purchased from Patrick and Marie Garmoe for $188,000, residential, 7/14.

425 N. 41st Ave. E., Kacey R. Elden purchased from Timothy and Elizabeth Schuller for $118,000, residential, 7/14.

1127 N. 49th Ave. E., Asa J. and Jenna C. Harting purchased from Alan and Kristin Goodman for $135,000, residential, 7/14.

424 N. 78th Ave. W., Scott Oakes purchased from Sophie Wilber for $50,133, residential, 7/14.

520 N. 80th Ave. W., Melissa A. Engebretson purchased from Blaize S. and Livi S. Shrake for $113,000, residential, 7/14.

1442 90th Ave. W., David Pueringer purchased from Har Enterprises LLC for $25,000, residential, 7/14.

1467 90th Ave. W., David Pueringer purchased from Har Enterprises LLC for $25,000, residential, 7/14.

1337 91st Ave. W., David S. and Carol A. Kosta purchased from US Bank for $60,100, residential, 7/14.

2011 Allegheny St., Carol Bell purchased from Timothy and Amy Wright for $126,688, residential, 7/14.

602 Anderson Road, David C. Hawk and Kate G. Rouse purchased from Donald E. and Gayle P. Martens for $156,900, residential, 7/14.

1313 Anderson Road, Kelli and Ostern and P. Anderson purchased from Lisa D. Staber for $147,000, residential, 7/14.

501 Anderson Road, Matthew Schmidt purchased from Mathew D. and Melissa A. Rose for $164,000, residential, 7/14.

223 W. Austin St., Leigh S. and Mark J. Branovan purchased from Nicholas C. Anderson for $143,000, residential, 6/14.

1505 Belmont Road, Jeffrey S. and Judy A. Peterson purchased from Dory L. Kempf for $89,000, residential, 7/14.

2431 Branch St., Alicia E. Klimpel purchased from Anett S. Trebitz and Robe Holladay for $170,500, residential, 7/14.

9230 Brook St., Andrew Norstrom purchased from Martin J. Cooper for $132,000, residential, 7/14.

219 W. Buffalo St., Michael D. and Lisa Cary purchased from Matthew H. and Karen B. Hanka for $311,125, residential, 7/14.

36 Cato Ave., Darin C. Reinke purchased from David A. Dyson for $120,000, residential, 7/14.

3515 Chambersburg Ave., James and Jennifer Wallner purchased from Kelly J. and Elizabeth A. Fleissner for $37,000, residential, 6/14.

819 Charles Ave., Trevor H. Billings purchased from Gregory R. and Peggy S. Stevens for $127,500, residential, 7/14.

1929 Chinook Drive, Gary Poelma and Christina Fischer purchased from Terry P. and Peggy A. Olivas for $755,000, residential, 7/14.

136 W. College St., Carol V. George purchased from Shawn D. and Nanette Higgins for $220,000, residential, 7/14.

3311 Commonwealth Ave., Jason and Stephanie Larsen purchased from Paulette D. Ozzello for $215,000, residential, 7/14.

4809 Dodge St., Alexander and Samantha Cason purchased from Kenneth Cowan Jr. for $204,900, residential, 7/14.

1311 E. Eighth St., David C. Braun purchased from Jeanette A. Letourneau for $127,500, residential, 7/14.

1104 Eklund Ave., Wilber and Michelle Frambs purchased from Salvatore and June Agostino Trust for $144,900, residential, 6/14.

1423 Fern Ave., Rachel and Michael Sertich purchased from Jeremy Enge-Frey and L. Boisclair for $150,000, residential, 7/14.

917 E. Fifth St., Melissa Janzen and James Bridge purchased from Payton Dallas Sullivan for $131,000, residential, 7/14.

4622 W. Fifth St., Brian W. and Lauren E. Anderson purchased from Nathan B. and Janelle M. Wourms for $135,000, residential, 7/14.

4313 W. Fifth St., Samuel T. Walters purchased from Chad M. and Stephanie A. Twardowski for $132,000, residential, 7/14.

2711 E. First St., Ayad and Leila Jindeel purchased from John and Susan Streitz for $267,500, residential, 7/14.

3826 W. Fourth St., One Roof Community Housing purchased from Sharon Rodriguez for $60,000, residential, 7/14.

4106 Gilliat St., Jay A. and Kimberly K. Belcastro purchased from Mary Butler for $134,000, residential, 7/14.

4619 Gladstone St., Katharine N. and Susan R. Hartley purchased from Ryan C. and Lori C. Melton for $149,900, residential, 7/14.

4320 Gladstone St., Noah G. and Samantha Singer purchased from Laverne W. and Karen L. Bail for $124,500, residential, 7/14.

8922 Hilton St., David Pueringer purchased from Har Enterprises LLC for $25,000, residential, 7/14.

8908 Hilton St., David Pueringer purchased from Har Enterprises LLC for $25,000, residential, 7/14.

18 Howard Gnesen Road, Lindsay M. and James P. Jensen purchased from Lawrence C. Besser for $151,750, residential, 7/14.

410 Isanti St., Gregory P. Isaacson purchased from Bruce Larson for $79,000, residential, 7/14.

2517 Jefferson St., Bruce A. and Tammy M. Brisson purchased from Katie A. Hadrava for $132,500, residential, 7/14.

11 Lakewood Road, Dennis W. Marquardt purchased from Mary Ann and Vinton G. Beckstrom for $153,300, residential, 6/14.

9136 Lawn St., Donald P. Johnson purchased from David C. Larson for $20,000, residential, 7/14.

649 Leicester Ave., Stephen Sanger purchased from Amy Jo and David Koskiniemi for $25,150, residential, 7/14.

2422 Livingston Ave., Jared and Erin Whight purchased from Kelcie-Nicole and Kyle Johnson for $139,000, residential, 7/14.

2511 London Road, Hermantown Federal Credit Union purchased from BMO Harris Bank N.A. for $936,800, commercial (with buildings), 6/14.

339 Madison Ave., Erin M. Sengthao purchased from Alissa A. and Timothy J. Thorp for $122,500, residential, 7/14.

104 W. Mankato St., Gregory and Sara Sheppard purchased from Jennifer and Lance Hunt for $169,000, residential, 7/14.

903 Martha St., Verburgt Holdings LLC purchased from Citifinancial Services Inc. for $119,000, residential, 10/13.

3805 Northridge Lane, Richard and Lois Mertz purchased from Michael J. and Shonda R. Peller for $57,000, residential-bare land, 6/14.

4433 Oakley St., Matthew and Ingrid Zemler purchased from Cynthia and Jack J. Mlek Jr. for $215,150, residential, 7/14.

9 W. Palm St., Kwik Trip Inc., A Wis. Corp. purchased from Stacy N. Nephew for $275,000, residential, 6/14.

9210 Park Place, Melissa and Kubiak and Zachary Tucker purchased from Ksenia and Jeramie Olson for $130,000, residential, 7/14.

1903 Piedmont Ave., Erick S. and Amy L. Martin purchased from Chad W. Steltz for $149,000, residential, 7/14.

2504 Plymouth Ave., Karleigh J. and Joel R. Hartland purchased from Kyle S. and Meghan Weisinger for $180,000, residential, 7/14.

323 W. Redwing St., Jeremy Osgood and Kimberly Pittman purchased from Ami Lee Stenseth for $85,400, residential, 6/14.

546 W. Redwing St., Valarie K. Edinger purchased from Emeteria and Dennis Claflin Jr. for $156,000, residential, 7/14.

20 Robert Court, Clayton and Jill Linnerud purchased from Joseph P. Morcomb for $160,000, residential, 7/14.

4327 Robinson St., Kevin R. and Tara N. Mudrak purchased from Chad and Katherine Norris for $200,000, residential, 7/14.

2221 E. Second St., Rolf and Elizabeth Weberg purchased from Timothy and Amy Wright for $640,000, residential, 7/14.

523 Selfridge Drive, Vickie L. Greene purchased from Donald and Frances Olson Jr. Trust for $87,000, residential, 6/14.

2731 E. Seventh St., Mark Maki and Terri Juran purchased from Benjamin R. and Jennifer C. Bertsch for $259,900, residential, 6/14.

915 E. Seventh St., Todd A. and Melissa Carlson purchased from Michael and Katelyn Lacsamana for $118,000, residential, 7/14.

4119 W. Sixth St., Croil and Eniko Hunter purchased from Todd A. Hess for $105,500, residential, 7/14.

418 E. Sixth St., Henry Howard Hollermann purchased from Daniel D. and Frances N. Gleason for $60,000, residential, 7/14.

1021 E. Sixth St., Melissa J. Janzen and James Bridge purchased from Blue Mountain Investments LLC for $173,450, residential, 7/14.

4022 W. Sixth St., Nicole L. Bradford purchased from Edwin A. Stresow for $69,000, residential, 7/14.

501 W. Sixth St., Steven T. and Barbara Bengtson purchased from George Wright for $375,000, residential, 7/14.

615 E. Skyline Parkway, Michael and Renea Bourassa purchased from Michael F. and Elizabeth C. Marks for $175,000, residential, 7/14.

9207 E. Superior St., Aaron L. and Kelly M. Gross purchased from Shawn M. and Nicolett R. Brandt for $269,000, residential, 6/14.

8721 E. Superior St., David J. and Cindy L. Dahl purchased from Gerald P. and Joann K. Smith for $234,775, residential, 6/14.

311 E. Superior St., Timothy and Amy Wright purchased from Antonio Laudito for $500,000, residential, 7/14.

2611 E. Third St., Donald C. and Kelly K. Callaghan purchased from Thomas C. and Michelle L. Stender for $550,000, residential, 7/14.

3645 E. Third St., Mary Owen and John Krumm purchased from Philip D. and Judy A. Bergerson for $350,000, residential, 7/14.

154 E. Toledo St., Dominic Talarico purchased from Robert and Carol Talarico, et al for $70,000, residential, 5/14.

1401 Vermilion Road, Daniel and Janice M. Glisczinski purchased from Jeremy L. and Nicole A. Cracraft for $219,000, residential, 7/14.

5710 Wadena St., Isaac J. Wolter purchased from Alliant Credit Union for $17,250, residential, 7/14.

12 W. Winona St., A and A Investments LLC purchased from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation for $40,000, residential, 5/14.

2210 Woodland Ave., Katherine Baldwin and G. Ziegler purchased from Sandra E. Riordan Revocable Trust for $127,000, residential, 7/14.

Address unassigned, Kelly Stainiger purchased from A & L Wieland Block LLC for $217,500, residential, 6/14.

Residential bare land, Michael and Melissa Jasper purchased from Fire & Safety Protection Inc. for $85,000, 7/14.

Residential bare land, Stephen C. and Joanna M. Green purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth for $52,000, 7/14.

Bare land, Duluth Economic Development Authority purchased from St. Louis County Land & Minerals for $107,000, 5/14.

Bare land, St Louis County Public Works purchased from St. Louis County Land & Minerals for $12,500, 5/14.

Bare land, Western Lake Superior Sanitary District purchased from St. Louis County Land & Minerals for $4,500, 6/14.