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Namaste Gifts & Healing Center to offer energy work at downtown Duluth site

Kathy Kubiski, owner of Namaste Gifts & Healing Center at 400 W. Superior St. in Duluth, will offer a great variety of crystals for sale in her store, including this assortment of quartz crystals from India. The center will open May 12. (Bob King / / 3
A standing angel figure for sale at Namaste Gifts & Healing Center. (Bob King / / 3
Kathy Kubiski, owner of Namaste Gifts and Healing Center, will sell a wide variety of crystals, jewelry, books and angel figurines and offer spiritual healing sessions at the new store at Fourth Avenue West and Superior Street. (Bob King / / 3

As workers set up concrete barriers blocking the sidewalk across the street from her new storefront in downtown Duluth, Kathy Kubiski was thrilled.

Although the barriers marked the start of up to two years of often noisy construction of the new Maurices Headquarters building, Kubiski saw the upside.

It would force pedestrians to cross the street and walk right past her New Age store — Namaste Gifts & Healing Center — which opens next week.

Being positive is part of Kubiski’s nature.

“It’s all positive, because God meant everything to be positive,” she said.

She wasn’t worried construction would keep people away, either. She says hers will be a destination store.

Describing herself as an intuitive guide, Kubiski, 50, of Duluth helps people balance their body’s energy by first identifying what energy points — or chakras — are blocking the flow of energy through their bodies. In yoga, such blocked energy in any of the seven chakras is believed to lead to illness, persistent unhappiness and frustration.

“People will come in and have their energy done,” Kubiski said of the center. “This is very new for Duluth.”

She works with people who feel stuck and unable to move forward with their lives or feel they are in a dark place. The goal is to balance the body’s energy systems through life changes and with aids offered at the center, including healing crystals, stones, incense, candles and jewelry.

A believer in angels and that everyone has at least two spirit guides, Kubiski also does angel readings, which can become part of the energy readings.

“It’s for anyone open to growing spiritually,” said Kubiski’s 20-year-old daughter Haley, who will serve as her assistant. “It’s like counseling but on a spiritual level.”

The readings are for 30 minutes to two hours, with prices to be determined.

Monique Forcier of Duluth has gone to Kubiski twice for energy work and readings on whether she was on the right path.

“I think she’s been called to do this work,” Forcier said of Kubiski. “She’s following her passion and beliefs. She helps others get in alignment with who they truly are and helps them come to a healthy balance within themselves.”

That includes a balance of one’s family, financial, work and personal lives, she said.

Kubiski, a former corporate sales representative, says she always was intuitive, but got involved with chakra when someone used it to help her with a health issue when she was in her early 20s.

“I knew I had gifts that just grew and grew,” she said.

She studied under Doreen Virtue, founder of angel therapy and a prolific author who is said to be a clairvoyant.

Some have called Kubiski “The Long Island Medium of Duluth,” referring to the TLC cable reality show featuring a gregarious woman who communicates with deceased loved ones of clients.

But Kubiski laughs that off and is quick to say she’s not a psychic, but a medium and intuitive guide.

For the past 16 years, she’s done readings part time out of her Duluth home. But having a healing center to help more people has been her goal.

“This is my dream, to ignite all the gifts people have,” she said. She chose the name “Namaste” because it means “the light in me honors the light in you” in ancient Indian Sanskrit.

She looked at several locations downtown before the space at 400 W. Superior St. became available. It formerly housed ECO Environmentally Conscious Options, which closed April 1.


Namaste Gifts & Healing Center, 400 W. Superior St.. will be open 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays beginning May 12. Call: (218) 249-1688 for appointments.