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Property Transactions for April 7, 2014

Duluth property transactions

March 27 through April 3

16 S. 19th Ave. E., David M. and Catherine M. Hagen purchased from Steven D. and Jade Swanson for $125,000, residential, 3/14.

301 N. 21st Ave. E., Gary J. and Denise M. Palmer purchased from Cynthia F. Neby and Allan L. Minar for $128,647, residential, 3/14.

1518 N. 25th Ave. W., Leah C. Biezuns purchased from Richard S. Haggy for $42,000, residential, 3/14.

410 N. 27th Ave. W., Dereck T. Murphy-Williams purchased from Sean E. and Christiane J. Erspamer for $84,300, residential, 3/14.

919 N. 27th Ave. W., Weston M. and Sheila L. Lockman purchased from Jeffrey J. and Louise F. Ernewein for $87,500, residential, 3/14.

615 N. 57th Ave. W., Todd Johnson purchased from Bob D. Effinger for $14,400, residential, 3/14.

225 N. 60th Ave. W., David C. and Leah C. Darnell purchased from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $66,500, residential, 3/14.

306 S. 60th Ave. W., Specialized Haulers Inc. purchased from One West Bank FJB for $29,000, residential, 12/13.

17 S. 63rd Ave. W., Michael A. and Nancy Nilsen purchased from Housing and Redevelopment Authority of Duluth for $15,000, residential, 3/14.

713 Bong Boulevard, Mark S. and Catherine E. Gorghuber purchased from Linda A. and James W. Leblanc for $131,000, residential, 3/14.

1331 Brainerd Ave., Norpar LLC purchased from David C. and Marni V. Fetters for $195,000, residential, 3/14.

412 N. Central Ave., Noble Properties LLC purchased from James F. and Nancy M. Westman for $190,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/14.

4521 Cooke St., Jill K. Suomi purchased from Chad and Nicole Derosier for $149,500, residential, 3/14.

414 W. Faribault St., Bradley and Grace Nelson purchased from Ami Stenseth for $145,000, residential, 3/14.

2837 Hutchinson Road, Thomas Rheaume and S. Muehlberger purchased from Lisa and Reid Whitworth for $179,900, residential, 3/14.

2709 Jean Duluth Road, Michael T. St. Cyr purchased from Zackery and Crystal Smith for $164,900, residential, 3/14.

206 Lyons St., Bruce L. and Helen E.A. Gildseth purchased from Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $150,000, residential, 3/14.

1120 E. McCuen St., VCY America purchased from WWJC Inc. for $400,000, 3/14.

2542 Nanticoke St., Caron J. Daniel purchased from Mark S. and Catherine E. Gorghuber for $165,500, residential, 3/14.

1309 E. Ninth St., Joseph S. Deters purchased from Minnesota Housing Finance Agency for $87,900, residential, 3/14.

5325 Otsego St., Jeanne M. and Patric J. Wesley purchased from Martin R. Larrabee for $175,200, residential, 3/14.

594 W. Redwing St., Jacob M. Haferman and Katie M. Fill purchased from Michael E. Jacobs for $160,000, residential, 3/14.

13002 State 23 Highway, city of Duluth purchased from John Z. Budd for $79,200, residential - bare land, 3/14.

630 W. Third St., Jeremy J. and Sibella M. Marshik purchased from Olson, Jackman, Johnson and Taylor for $184,000, apartment, 2/14.

2701 Twin Creeks Circle, Timothy W. Andrew Sr. and L. Langseth purchased from Duane and Jacquelyn Millslagle trust for $294,000, residential, 2/14.

5428 Wyoming St., Matthew L. Schmidt purchased from Susan E. Held for $159,900, residential, 3/14.

Industrial bare land, Duluth Economic Development Authority purchased from American Engineering Testing for $210,000, 3/14.

Bare land, Duluth Economic Development Authority purchased from state of Minnesota for $110,000, 1/14.