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Democrat Doug Jones declared winner over Roy Moore

Property Transactions for March 17, 2014

Duluth property transactions

March 6-13

2322 W. 12th St., Kyle R. Hanson purchased from Dhb Care Services LLC for $50,000, residential, 2/14.

423 N. 47th Ave. W., Erin M. Helgeson purchased from Elyse E. Swanson for $85,000, residential, 2/14.

2110 Allegheny St., Jesse P. and Betsey Hansen purchased from Jacob and Amy Tornquist for $234,000, residential, 3/14.

3330 Decker Road, Nathan P. Miller purchased from Janet D. Kuusisto living trust for $179,000, residential, 2/14.

2234 Ensign St., Samantha J. Maki purchased from Melissa Janzen and James Bridges for $123,300, residential, 3/14.

3907 W. Fourth St., Erin and Christopher Bicknese purchased from Ronald and Debra Heurung for $80,000, residential, 3/14.

4030 Gilliat St., Kyle Meglen purchased from Siri M. and Cameron M. Erickson for $119,900, residential, 3/14.

4821 Glenwood St., Eric Pasley purchased from Kyle H. Anderson for $135,000, residential, 3/14.

6309 Grand Ave., Nancy and Michael Nilsen purchased from Dorothy Wahlstrom for $95,700, commercial (with buildings), 1/14.

2105 Harvard Ave., Jamie R. and Daniel R. Smith purchased from Amy M. and Gregory R. Towner for $257,500, residential, 3/14.

4909 Idlewild St., Kyle H. and Monica J. Anderson purchased from Dennis and Lynn J. Kiesel for $294,900, residential, 3/14.

25 W. Lemon St., Anthony K. Bisbee purchased from Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. for $6,000, residential, 2/14.

303 E. McCuen St., Michelle Holmes purchased from Gerald Anderson for $27,000, residential, 3/14.

303 E. McCuen St., Tamara Mathews purchased from Michelle and Mitchell Holmes for $129,250, residential, 3/14.

1318 Mississippi Ave., Bradley Crooks purchased from Michelle A. Dinehart for $246,500, residential, 3/14.

318 N. Ninth Ave. E., Chad Follmer purchased from Deidre Dodge for $65,000, residential, 2/14.

1 Northfield St., Paul K. Bauerly purchased from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. for $110,000, residential, 2/14.

808 E. Second St., Douglas G. Finstrom purchased from Excell Home Improvement Inc. for $145,000, commercial (with buildings), 3/14.

217 E. Seventh St., Fog City Properties purchased from Jeffrey D. and Jane K. Burleson for $130,000, residential, 2/14.

609 Spear Ave., Ryan Gautreaux and G. Egeberg purchased from Janel L. and Timothy C. Peterson for $148,500, residential, 3/14.

2831 W. Superior St., RKE Enterprises LLC purchased from Duluth Tire and Oil Inc. for $180,000, commercial - bare land, 3/14.

Bare land, Pasquale Sackette purchased from St. Louis County Land and Mineral Department for $9,700, 2/14.

Residential bare land, Nathan Tesch and Marla Dewitt purchased from William J Kinsella revocable trust for $51,100, 3/14.